Luke chapter 4.31-44

The Galilean Ministry

The Lord travels to Capernaum to begin His Galilean ministry in earnest. This region was going to be extremely privileged to receive the ministry of the Lord Jesus and hear His teaching over the next 3 years. Luke tells us they were astonished at His doctrine, for His word came to them with authority and power.

The demon-possessed man

In the synagogue, the Lord is confronted with a man who is possessed by an unclean spirit. Firstly, the demon makes a request to be left alone. It also recognises that He is not only Jesus of Nazareth, but that He is indeed the Holy One of God. The demon also realises the power the Lord possesses to destroy it, and that there will come a time when that judgment will take place. But the Lord rebukes the demon, telling it to be silent and commanding it to come out of the man. The demon makes one last effort to harm the man and throws him into the middle of the company, but has to comply with the Lord’s command. The demon leaves the man and is not able to hurt him any further.

Reaction to what the Lord had done caused amazement once more, and they confessed that His authority and power was superior to that of demons, which could do nothing but obey His command. As a result, Jesus’ fame was spread through all the surrounding countryside.

Peter’s mother-in-law

Next, the Lord goes into Simon Peter’s house and finds that the latter’s mother in law is sick with a fever. We are told that they besought the Lord for her, which is a good principle to follow. When we know of those who are ill, it is a good practice to pray to the Lord for them. The Lord stands over her, making His presence felt, and rebukes the fever. Notice that, the instant He does this, she is not only cured of the fever but suffers no ill effects, as she is immediately able to serve them with food. Let us remember that He has raised us up too, and we have an obligation to serve Him because of what He has done for us!

The setting of the sun

It’s the end of a busy day at Capernaum, but, even at sunset, the Lord continues to work. People with different kinds of illnesses were brought to him from all around, and He healed them with His touch. Many demons were also cast out of people and, again, they cried out saying that He was the Christ the Son of God. Notice that the demons had no doubts about who the Lord Jesus was, but He would not allow them to speak of Him, for He would not receive witness from satanic sources.

Sought by the multitudes

When the morning came, the Lord went away into a barren place, but, even there, He was followed by the people. They appealed to Him to stay there with them, but the Lord makes it clear that He must preach about the Kingdom of God in other cities also. This was the will of God for Him and He must be faithful to His commission, so He went and preached in other synagogues throughout Galilee. The Lord could not be held back in His service for God by other people, however well-meaning they might be. He had come to do the will of God, and that was ever the priority in His earthly life.